About Us


The National Technology Transfer Center of East China University of Science and Technology is among the first six state-level technology transfer centers authorized by both the former State Economic and Trade Commission and Ministry of Education of the People’s Republic of China in 2001. In August 2008, the Center was granted the title of "National Technology Transfer Demonstration Organization" and "High-ranking Service Institution of National Torch Program" later that year.
Philosophy of Technology Transfer--The Center focuses on promoting integrated innovation and perfecting the service system of technology transfer based on the industrial and regional economic development.
Objective of the Center-- The Center aims at becoming a leader in regional and international knowledge flow and technology transfer in the field of energy, resources and chemical engineering through actively participating in the establishment of national innovation system, exploring new models and mechanism of technology transfer, building a  professional team on technology transfer, constructing a technology transfer union and shared platform, and building a first-class brand with outstanding service.
Operation of the Center--The Center unites various innovation entities and potential clients by means of broad collaboration. The collaborative entities include but not limited to government, industrial parks, enterprises (groups), technology transfer (demonstration) organizations, higher education institutes, research teams, etc. In accordance with the principles of union interaction, sharing, equality, priority, mutual benefit and win-win, the Center closely interacts and cooperates with other organizations and alliances to interlink the chains of knowledge innovation, technology transfer and technology innovation and co-construct a platform for technology transfer of energy chemical engineering and other related services such as achievement promotion service, achievement transfer planning service, professional technology service, technology development service for circular economy,  consulting service for industrial park planning, investment and financing service for technical programs, and service for cooperation among industries, education institute and research institutions.
Exchange and cooperation from both home and abroad are welcome.